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We have all the best UK prices for cat beds - the 'purr-fect' place for your favourite feline to take a cat nap at home.

Whether you are looking for a simple and cheap bed, a roofed bed or a luxury heated cat bed, you're sure to find something here that appeals. We have huge range of cat beds from leading UK stores including Pet Planet, Get Pet Supplies, Amazon, and Pet Supermarket.

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A cat bed is the purr-fect accessory for pampering your moggy!

It’s worth taking a bit of time when choosing a cat bed to ensure it meets your requirements fully - size, style and material are all important factors to bear in mind in the quest to find the ideal bed for your feline friend.

Cat beds normally have a removable cushion for easy washing and brushing off hair and fur balls. They are available in many materials including fleece, faux sheepskin, cotton, wicker, rattan, polyester and wool.

There are many different types of cat beds, cushions and blankets available to buy and we have a great range of most styles. A popular option is the hanging hammock bed which you can hang on a radiator to provide and warm and relaxing spot for your cat to rest or sleep.

These come with an adjustable metal frame which has a with soft and comfortable fleece cover. They are available in a range of colours including blue, beige, pink, white, black, green, red and brown.

An novel style is the criss cross bed which looks a bit like a deck chair with a steel frame. They are available in various materials including faux canvas, wool and sheepskin with corduroy or leatherette trim.

It’s best to locate a new cat bed to a spot your cat is already familiar and happy with - positioning it in a completely different location in your home will irritate your cat to the point where the accessory might be ignored altogether.

If you really want to pamper your cat with a five-star luxury bed you could consider buying a a sofa shape bed or a luxury armchair bed - this comes with a soft seating area, a comfy backrest and deep padded chair arm rest which can double up as scratchers - it even looks good enough for owners to use! They are available in grown, white and beige and have a stylish paw motif on the back rest.

The pouch hide or snuggle sack type of  bed is a very popular choice with cat owners. Some of them make a crinkle noise when your cat crawls inside and kittens really love playing and resting in one.

The igloo or cave bed is more concealed than a standard flat bed and cats love feeling snug inside them. A lot of cats love this kind of nook for the privacy it offers. This kind of cat bed may be made of artificial fur and fabric, or plastic, and the price range is normally between £20 and £50.

A heated cat bed is especially useful for keeping kittens and their mummy warm and rested. Hairless cats need a little extra warmth during the cold months, and these beds keep them comfortable.

They are good for aged and ailing cats as well. Heated beds are a bit more expensive than standard beds and cost around £40 or more. They usually feature a dual thermostat 4 watt heating unit.

Your cat will love to hop in and settle down within the soft and comfortable walls of its bed. A cheap cat bed made of soft and durable fabric that will keep your pet comfortable and will cost less than £25.

Simple flat cat beds are the cheapest and usually cost under £20. Unlike the ones that have raised walls, a flat cat bed cannot retain heat and must be kept near a source of warmth for added comfort.

Ensure a bed is spacious enough for your cat to relax and stretch out

If possible, measure your cat before buying a bed to ensure it provides ample space. It should be snug, but spacious enough to allow your pet to move and stretch freely. A sleeping area of 40cms x 30cms x 15cms is usually enough for the average sized adult puss.

Cats are predators, and prefer to have a sheltered enclosure when they sleep so a bed with a dome top of cave or igloo style is a sensible choice.

Another option is a hammock bed which sits on a window sill - cats just love sitting by the window, watching the world go by. And then there's the type which features a bunk bed which sits on top of a play gym full of cat toys. Some cat owners opt for bed with a canopy over a mini bed.

Luxury cat beds double as cat dens, and can cost upwards of £50. You can also choose to give your cat a traditional wicker basket for a bed - however your pet may chew on it.

Cats don't like to be disturbed when they are resting or sleeping so it's important to position your kitty bed somewhere secluded with adequate privacy.

For example, your cat or kitten is unlikely to use its bed regularly if its located near to where children are playing in your home or there is a lot of general activity going on.

It's worth studying your cat's sleeping patterns and locations for resting to gauge which bed may the best choice - so if your mog regularly takes a nap in an elevated position, a radiator or hammock bed could be the type of bed to go for. If, however, your cat often chooses to rest under a chair or behind furniture, an igloo, dome or roofed bed may be the best choice.

You also give some thought to the type of material used in a bed - fleece and faux suede are popular choices. Older and heavier cats like to rest on a bed filled with orthopaedic foam.

You may also wish to consider buying a bed which can be placed in the washing machine - this has huge benefits for removing cat hair, fluff and other material which can build up over a period of weeks.

Many kitty beds have removable covers which can be washed by hand or in a machine and some are made of material which allows the complete bed to be washed in your machine.

Always use unscented soap when washing a cat bed as you can easily overpower your pet's sense of smell with scented soap or powder traditionally used in a washing machine.

Some cats can be stubborn and refuse to go in their cat bed - however, with a bit of patience and gentle coaxing most cats will take their new home after a few days.

We're confident you'll find a stylish cat bed that appeals to your taste and budget in our impressive range.

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Compare UK prices for cat and kitten beds

Treat your cat or kitten to a comfy new bed

Our range of cat beds offer a warm and cozy sleeping place for your pets.

Cat beds, like those for sale here, are available in a wide range of designs, materials and colours.

We've tracked down the best UK deals for cheap cat beds to luxury heated ones from top UK stores including Pet Planet, Amazon, Ebay, Love Pets, Pet Supermarket, Woolworths, Argos, Tesco, Doggie Solutions, Wilkinsons, Get Pet Supplies, Zooplus, Seapets, Dobbies and Ideal World.   

Moggies sleep in the weirdest places so unless you provide them a proper bed, they will sleep on your furniture, in your shoes, on your bookshelf and table top, and, of course, in your bed.

And if you do not have the heart to move your cat from its chosen spot, you're certain to end up with a load of cat fur and hair to deal with.

Your fur-baby may take a bit of encouraging to move into its new indoor cat bed - but once your favourite feline becomes familiar with its new resting place, it will be happy to sleep there during the day or night.

A cat bed must be comfortable, warm, and positioned in a fixed place so your cat or kitten becomes familiar with its permanent location.

A cat bed - also referred to as a cat cozy or lounger - is available to buy in a variety of shapes, as is the case with dog beds - the most common ones are round or oval, although square, pyramid or rectangular options are available as well.

We’re sure you’ll be impressed with our huge range of beds - at the best prices around!



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